Mapuche means Person of the Earth

Our Ancestral Chile is still with us in the present time in the form of the Mapuche People originated from pre-hispanic time. Mapuche people is alive and activelly passing on the Tradition to this living day.

Mapuche in Mapudungun (native language) means “Person of the Earth”. We are a spiritual community with a profound connection to our Ñuque Mapu… Madre Tierra… Mother Earth…

Every work here exhibited is hand made by gifted crafts(wo)men. In Chile they are called “Tesoros Humanos Vivos”… living human treasures, who make this unique handicraft.

Some examples of handicraft products we sell

We proudly present our handcraft(wo)men

Chile Ancestral is based on fair trading partnership, dialogue, transparency and respect, aiming to contribute to sustainable development of marginalized mapuche-chilean crafts(wo)men

Bernardita Bustos

I weave since I was in my 20´s since I had to choose something to make a living for me and my family.

Cristian Inzulza

All my work is done by hand using only manual tools to reach the shining end of the surface of every peace of wood that I give form to.

Jaime Cheuque

A craftsman in wool (Telar mapuche) and in silver jewelry making (orfebrería mapuche).

Manuel Castañeda

I like long blankets like rivers of colours, and traditional black and red mapuche designs.

Patricia Alegría

I like the art of working the technique called “fieltro”, sheep wool squeezed with water and soap to shape dolls and other small figures.

Paula Ponce

The contact with natural wool and the creation of wonderful pieces is an experience that I treasure in my heart.

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