Manuel Castañeda

I am Manuel Castañeda (47). I was born in Cauquenes, a land of ocean and grapes, but at the moment I live in Linares – Chili.

My family comes from the South of Chili therefore we went there by coal train  every year.  My mother used to tell me stories about her life in the South, I spent my childhood among Telares and Mapudungun (our mapuche mother tonge).  I saw magnificent works, like long blankets like rivers of colours, and traditional black and red mapuche designs.

I remember the sound and smell of the Kultrun (sacred shamanic drum) and my mother dancing with a basket with wheat in her hands.  She danced so graciously that from that moment on a magic spirit was awaken within me… the heritage of our ancestors, that all chilean people carry.  That experience gives me the strengh to carry out my work with Telar Mapuche.