Patricia Alegría

I am Patricia, I was born in Talca, Chili but now I live in Peñaflor a town near by the capital Santiago. I love my country specially the South. I treasure the variaty of handicraft offered in my country, where I could find the art of working the technique called “fieltro”, sheep wool squeezed with water and soap to shape dolls and other small figures.

I´ve been fascinated with it therefore I´ve extended it to the making of Telares adding only natural stuff like shells, native wood, stones, etc. That I collect myself from beaches, forrests and mountains that I visit.

Every single peace of my work is delicately shaped, conserving the uniqueness of each of them. I use natural coloured wool coming from Dalcahue from Chiloé Island in the South.

I make exclussive peaces of work at my studio at home, based on themes coming from nature and characters that I see in my cultural surroundings.